Portfolios / Sub-accounts

Is there a way I can allocate funds to individual strategies?

I would like to break them up into portfolios like so: https://blog.coinbase.com/introducing-portfolios-on-coinbase-pro-a5a2a2e02996

There is an open thread for sub-accounts here :

Any new news?


I would also like to run multiple algorithms on the same or multiple sub-accounts with the same credentials.
It could be sufficient for paper trading to test several features.


i can second this for live and paper, i need sub dashboards / accounts


Following and also yes!

I think the key would be the feature to allow many paper accounts, each with a separate API key and secret, that different algorithms or variations of algorithms could be tested against (one simple example I really want to play with is market vs. limit / stop limit and other orders, using the same hybrid technical indicator strategy algo - or the other obviously being testing entirely different algos).

This is key to then allow users who are not technical indicator savvy, or algo, or generally trading-savvy to view hypothetical results of different strategies to make a decision on which to use! It is also key for development and ongoing improvements, and then we could continue to track original results vs. subtle tweaks vs. major changes, customizations to technical indicator formulas and logic built on top of them, and R&D of completely new indicators :slight_smile:

What will it take? Can I please help?!

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Please add this feature, eagerly waiting for it.

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