Support for futures trading

I realize this question was asked elsewhere, but I figured I’d make it an official feature request.

Are there any plans to support futures trading like E-mini products (ES. MES, YM), Forex (6E, etc)?

This could be a big money maker for you especially if you are able to offer a competitive fee.


Thank you for the official request! Additional asset classes are definitely our targets in the future. Option could be closest but no promis yet :slight_smile:


Yes, this would be huge for alpaca. Futures are a perfect platform for algorithmic trading. Sadly I must look elsewhere now.


I really like trading the micro eminis, especially MNQ. Too bad I can’t do that with my Alpaca account.


I’m looking for volatility futures historical data and other VIX based products. Looking forward to get those updates in Alpaca.

Looking for ES1 Micro Futures. Would be great to have em on Alpaca

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