Subscribe_bars multiple stocks

I am getting ‘error: invalid syntax (400)’ on the

is there something else that needs to be done in order for this to work?

the issue stems from

ss = StockDataStream(api_key=k, secret_key=sk, feed=DataFeed.SIP)
ss.subscribe_bars(bar_callback, *stocks)

where stocks is a list of str, this works fine if it is a singular stock.

nevermind, my ticker symbol was wrong, fixed it

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I am having the same issue but with multiple symbols. The StockDataStream - subscribe_bars document states that the subcribe_bars can take tuple but when I use test it I get a error: invalid syntax (400). It only workd with single symbol. Any help would be much appreciated.
*subscribe_quotes(handler: Callable, symbols ) → None

Subscribe to quote data for symbol inputs


** handler (Callable) – The coroutine callback function to handle live quote data*
** symbols – Variable string arguments for ticker identifiers to be subscribed to.