Simply way to find P/L by equity

The dashboard shows current P/L of shares you currently own. Wondering what the simplest way would be to figure out how much you are up or down on a stock for the year or month or any specific period of time. Most brokerages provide a way to see from date X to date Y how much am I up or down on xyz equity. Would like to use this data point as a way to manage risk and manipulate lot sizing in my trading.

This is very easy to do in a portfolio management app. Feather Finance is a free portfolio management app for retail investors, and we have recently integrated the Alpaca API.

This video shows how to connect your Alpaca account and apply a symbol filter to analyze the evolution of your P/L on that stock. You can drill down on any specific period of interest. The P/L should be well represented regardless of stock splits or changes in the position (e.g. buy 100, sell 50, stay long 50):

Note that you can also retrieve daily P/L and daily returns on specific stocks via API by using our “portfolio/history” endpoint and specifying a symbol in parameter:

Here is a link to the google sheet in the video: