Shorting hard-to-borrow stocks

It appears that Alpaca does not presently allow shorting hard-to-borrow names. Other brokers of course offer this (and mark up the borrow rates so it functions as a profit source for them and an important service for their clients). I would often be willing to pay a significant borrow rate (2-8% annually) to be able to sell short names that are unavailable to short on Alpaca but are available to short on E-trade and other BDs.

(1) Am I correct that Alpaca does not allow shorting hard-to-borrow names at any rate?

(2) Are there any plans to add this service?



  1. You are correct. We do not allow shorting hard-to-borrow names at the moment.
  2. Its definitely on the roadmap! Around the summer of this year, 2022.

Let us know if you have any more questions!

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Hi. Any updates on Alpaca Hard to Borrow stocks support? Is it already allowed?