Short Fees / ETB Fees

I am reading the Docs and can’t find the fees for shorting.

  1. What are the fees and where can I find them?
  2. “Daily stock borrow fees are the fees incurred for all ETB shorts held in your account as of end of day” - Just to verify… Does that mean if I open a short in the AM and settle that short by the EOD, I will not occur any fees? and is EOD 4pm normal hours or 6pm extended hours?
  3. “Alpaca passes through all borrow costs incurred when a customer shorts a stock. Borrow fees accrue daily and are billed at the end of each month.” - Does that only apply to overnight holdings? Does paper trading ever get “billed” for realism purposes?



I have the same questions:
-what is the cost of shorting a stock within the same day?
(short in the morning and close it by the EOD)
-what if I keep it shorted overnight, or more days?

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