Sell Fractional Shares

There are currently examples on how to buy notional / fractional values of stocks,
But none to sell.

I’m doing this on a paper account, but it seems like when I try to sell I get an error, can anyone else confirm this?

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I get the error: APIError: fractional orders are not allowed to short

def action_sell_raw(self, symbol, price):
    params = {
    "symbol": symbol,
    "notional": price,
    "side": "sell",
    "type": "market",
    "time_in_force": 'day'
    response ='/orders', params)
    return response

I am getting an error as well and would love an update on this…

waiting for that to be implemented as well for a long time since you can not place notional short orders which is totally a must if you dont want to fetch your BP all the time.

@Marcus what API are using which is giving you an error when submitting an order for fractional shares?

@Chris_S One can sell fractional shares if there is an existing position. Shorting fractional shares is currently not supported. It’s on the requested features list for sure!