Restrictions for withdrawal

Hi, could you please help with the following questions? Are there any limits for withdrawals? What will be max leverage?

@1111 Generally, you may withdraw any cleared funds from your Alpaca account at any time. Funds usually clear 2 trading days after a transaction. The maximum leverage for an account depends upon the account balance. For accounts with less than $2000 in equity only ‘limited’ margin is available. Trades can be made with unsettled funds but only up to 1x the equity value. For accounts over $2000, 2x margin can be used to trade. For accounts with equity over $25,000, intra-day or daytrading buying power can be as high as 4x and depends upon the previous days holdings at close of markets. Overnight buying power is still restricted to 2x.

These margin requirements are typical for all US Brokers and regulated by the SEC and FINRA and are not necessarily specific to Alpaca.