Help with understanding margin

I want to trade $4k in equities each day (sell all next day and then buy $4k more), but am not sure of the math needed for account balance to avoid a margin call or any other violation. It will be a combination of Long and Short positions.

I have read:

and looks like I don’t need to wait for funds to settle with a margin account.

So if we say I incur $100 maximum account equity loss daily and let’s say I replenish the account every 5 business days and let’s say those funds transfer immediately for the sake of argument.

So $4500 would be enough to not get margin called and would I also avoid all possible violations? Also what is the max margin multiplier x1 do on the account dashboard?


Scenario 2- Buy $10,000 of a security with a 100% requirement
DTBP is $100,000 and RegT buying power is $25,000. When the order is placed, DTBP will be reduced by 4 x 10000 ($40,000) to $60,000. RegT buying power will be reduced by 2 x 10000 ($20,000) to $5,000.


Or would I need $18k of my own money to buy $4k worth of stock?