Request .csv export of all transactions for the year

How can we get an exported data dump of all of our transactions for the year? I need this information to correctly calculate gains and losses across Alpaca and other brokerages to ensure I correctly report the results on my 2020 taxes.

I received an export from Alpaca with the following columns:

  • Acquired Date
  • Disposed Date
  • Symbol
  • Cusip
  • Symbol Description
  • Cost
  • Proceed
  • NetAmount
  • Short Term
  • Long Term

The problem is that this is not a complete picture and does not contain all of the information I need to do my taxes. For starters, the acquired and disposed date columns are identical which I know is not true for most of my transactions. I need accurate date information to correctly calculate wash sales across multiple brokerages.

This export also does not list transaction fees.

I also do not this the Cost column is accurate, since I plan on using the Specific ID cost basis method and the Cost column is based on a cost basis that Alpaca arbitrarily chose. So it does not make sense for me to have buy and sell lumped into one row; I need to be able to see each transaction in a separate row.

I understand all of this information is present in the monthly statements and the transaction statement pdfs, but given that this is algorithmic trading and there are thousands of transactions, and given that the format of the statements has changed at least once during the year, it is hard to download and parse all of these statements for the necessary information.

So is there any way I can query and receive all of this information? I know you can query closed transactions through the API for more details, but my understanding was that there is a limit (500?) to how far back you can query. Is this true?

Thank you all so much!

i suggest you always keep your own record of transactions, don’t rely on alpaca solely, expectedly if you live in the US

then you can prove a successful api transaction history that is comparable to the clearing data provided by alpaca, any discrepancies between the two should cause an audit.