Rejected Orders

Why are my automated orders all getting rejected? The whole point of using Alpaca is so that I can do automated trading.

outside market hours… after 4 pm

They’re GTC orders meant to be filled at the open the next day, so that’s not it.

Unfortunately I ran into the same issue when I try to place orders after market is closed. Looks like the orders are only accepted during market hours, even though they are GTC

This makes it impossible to trade end-of-day signals on the daily chart. I don’t want to trade intraday signals because I’m not a day trader. When the final candlestick is set in stone, I have my automated orders generated based on the chart patterns. That happens at like 4:02 pm. If I can’t trade at 4:02 pm, automated trading is useless to me on Alpaca.

do a limit order…