REG/TAF Fee Updates with Alpaca

Hello everyone!

:loudspeaker:This message is to address the feedback we received from our customers regarding a change to REG/TAF fee calculations after we migrated to our proprietary back-office system in February 2021.

:tada:We’re excited to announce some enhancements that recently went into effect on April 26, 2021. First, the REG/TAF fee calculation has changed for all Alpaca customers . Second, for greater clarity and transparency, these fees are now listed as a separate line item in the account activity records on both the dashboard or through the API on any sales transactions.

:yellow_heart:We also want to take this time to thank our valued customers for all of the feedback you’ve provided. Because of this feedback, we developed a new process to calculate REG/TAF fees so that it is much more favorable to our customers.

For more information regarding this change, check out this article: REG/TAF Fee Updates with Alpaca.

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