Real Time Data with Alpaca-py

I try to use StockDataStream for gettin bar minute update.
The documentation talk of BaseStream (“See BaseStream”) for which i can litteraly found 0 result.

So… does anyone know what is “BaseStream” ?

I found that the documentation lack to explain the intent use :

  • How to update your subcription on symbol ?
  • Where i can do that (for example you can’t do that on handler function) ?
  • How to close the event loop (for example : you can close it on handler but you stuck here after that) ?

In brief i need a hight level of understanding of how using this object.
I can probably do with a good example…
I hope somebody can share insight of that.
And i think updating the documentation is probably needed (at least for the “see BaseStream” part).

So… I found BaseStream that the ancestor of StockDataStream in code.
However, no documentation exists in Alpaca-py for BaseStream.

So studying the code library is the “proper” way for understanding the documentation ?
It’s like taking my car apart for using it.

Let say the doc is not totally wrong just useless.