Random 500 Errors This Week When Getting Quotes

Starting this week I’ve been getting 500 errors from the server at random when I request the latest quote. It seems to have nothing to do with the asset for which it is requested.

Are you hearing this from anyone else?

I can’t get bars data anymore (paid). After getting bars for maybe 5-10 symbols, I always get a 500 Server Error.

res = self.api.get_bars(symbol, TimeFrame.Day, start_date_utc, end_date_utc, limit=100, adjustment=‘raw’).df

requests.exceptions.HTTPError: 500 Server Error: Internal Server Error for url: https://data.alpaca.markets/v2/stocks/AKUS/bars?timeframe=1Day&adjustment=raw&start=2021-09-24T00%3A00%3A00%2B00%3A00&end=2021-09-28T00%3A00%3A00%2B00%3A00&limit=100