Market Data API - Random Server Outages?

I have been using the market data api with an unlimited subscription. Specifically, I have been using the alpaca-py SDK and trying to get historical data for about 500 companies during a given time period. I run a request in the following format:

request_params = StockBarsRequest(
timeframe=timeframe.TimeFrame(30, timeframe.TimeFrameUnit[‘Minute’]),“UTC”))-datetime.timedelta(30),“UTC”))
bars = alpaca_client.get_stock_bars(request_params)

where tick_list is a list of strings corresponding to stock tickers. In many instances, I get an internal server error like this one:

{“code”:50010000,“message”:“internal server error occurred”}

However, this does not always occur. For example, I ran this same query a few moments later and it ran fine. Is there a rate limit that I am hitting? If so, I would have expected to get a 429 error. The status page ( didn’t seem to indicate any server outage either. Does anyone know what might be going on?