"qty must be an integer"




I would like to puchase fractional shares. Is this possible with the Python API? The qty parameter is required to be an integer

Paper or Live Tradng?
Paper trading

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like X where X = 1 to ect im not sure if you can do anything like 1.9 but i wouldn’t see a practical use… buts thats just me

The practical use is that I only have a small amount of money to invest (probably around $100), and so I can’t have a portfolio of several tickers if the share price of any one is, say, greater than $40-$50!

I can purchase small fractions of a stock using the web interface, so I believe this is a limitation of the REST API. Can anyone confirm this, and advise how difficult it would be to improve?

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It is a very practical request - all of the other brokers in the marketplace support fractional shares - I am guessing that it is a feature that Alpaca will be supporting soon - I hope ! :slight_smile:

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