Professional status I.e. over 390 trades a day


I wanted to check and see if we are allowed to place over 390 trades a day.

Thank you

I place more than 390 a day and Alpaca seems to be fine with it. Other brokers (TD) not so much

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That is great to hear. I am aware of the TD 390 trade limitation and was worried this will be the case here as well. Looks like i can scale to some higher frequency trading. Thanks!

You should not be limited to a specific number of trades in a day, however you should consider that you are limited to 200 api calls per minute when talking about high frequency trading so you may want to use websockets or outside parties for data if you find that 200 calls/min is not enough to satisfy the needs of your high frequency trading algorithm.

Yep, i am aware of that limit and thank you for the reminder. At the moment, my changes will bring me up to about 10 trades/min on average. I am still a bit far from the 200 call limit, but would be cool to get there some day :slight_smile: