Price difference local to online

I’m seeing a price difference between my recorded price and the paper account, this can be easily explained since I’m recording a “dumb” price (ignoring the market order fill dynamics), but I was wondering is it possible to pull all trades executed in my account for the day?

I found this code snipped in the docs:

import alpaca_trade_api as tradeapi

api = tradeapi.REST()

# Get the last 100 closed orders
closed_orders = api.list_orders(
    nested=True  # show nested multi-leg orders

# Get only the closed orders for a particular stock
closed_aapl_orders = [o for o in closed_orders if o.symbol == 'AAPL']

But I’m curious if it’s possible with just the alpaca-py package so I don’t have to add another dependency into my project?

Edit: I found this code snippet on another alpaca documentation site (why are there two? Is one deprecated now?)

from import TradingClient
from import GetAssetsRequest
from import AssetClass

trading_client = TradingClient('api-key', 'secret-key')

# search for crypto assets
search_params = GetAssetsRequest(asset_class=AssetClass.CRYPTO)

assets = trading_client.get_all_assets(search_params)

I suspect this will work however I haven’t tested it yet but it uses alpaca-py at least…

Edit: Oh I’m dumb, this is code to get all assets… not orders :roll_eyes: