Polygon - Historic_agg_v2

Does any one has a clear documented example that explains how to use the following:

polygon/REST.historic_agg_v2(self, symbol, multiplier, timespan, _from, to, unadjusted=False, limit=None)

  1. Example with input formats
  2. What exactly does the multiplier does?
  3. Is the 3000 max restricts you from anything in specific?
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i feel ya

LINE : 246 will that help you?

I just got done implementing my own interface in C++ with Polygon’s api, so I understand the frustration. I’ll take to time to answer your questions in what I hope you find satisfactory.

I know of two aggregate timespans: minute and day. When the multiple is 1 and the timespan is minute, you’ll get bars that span one minute of time. When the multiple is 5 you’ll get 5 minute bars, and so on.

It’s a super simple api and really that’s all you need to know! Now if they’d just put that in their documentation…

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