Paper Trades: how do I set the max amount for multiple trades

I would like to use Python to code a strategy. Is there an API to use where I can set the strategy to only use $10K out of the $100K I have in the paper trade portfolio? I would like to run multiple strategies that only use $10K each.

Please let me know if you need any more clarification.
Thank you for any assistance.

@farmercrypto411 There isn’t a ‘built in’ method to limit trades and/or positions to only a portion of the the account total equity. One would need to code that. Maybe like this

max_equity = account.equity * .1

The challenge however will be to track which positions are associated with which ‘sub strategy’. That can be quite involved depending upon how much you want to track. If, for example, you wanted to track the performance of each ‘sub account/strategy’ then you will need to track the entry and exit prices for each positions.

It would probably be much easier to simply open multiple paper accounts and have a separate account for each strategy. In paper trading this is easy. Simply sign up using multiple email addresses.

Thank you for the help. I’ll try the code snippet first. I plan on running them one at a time to test results. Then, I wanted to run the “best ones” on one account to see what would happen to the overall account.
I’m still in the initial development phases.

Again, I appreciate the help.

For tracking multiple strategiesin one account: You can use the order reference (client_order_id) to hand over a strategy name and a flag for open/close position.