Orders request doesn't use given parameters

I am trying to get a list of orders, but it seems like the API isn’t working:

(ns tradeur.core
  (:require [clj-http.client :as client]
            [clojure.data.json :as json])

(defn get-orders [& [opt]]
  (let [call-url      (str "https://paper-api.alpaca.markets/v2/orders")
        response      (client/get call-url
                                  {:headers {:APCA-API-KEY-ID     account-id,
                                             :APCA-API-SECRET-KEY account-secret}}
                                  :body      (json/write-str {:direction "asc"}))
        response-body (:body response)]
    (json/read-str response-body)))

this doesn’t seem like the API listens to the parameters for getting a list of orders. Here I am forcing it to be ascending by default (an easy test) which it fails.

Also the docs say that status is limited open , closed or all . Defaults to open . However, I am finding that my orders are marked as ‘accepted’, which is not one of those 3.

Sorry I am new to this, my mistakes are my own.