'order object' is missing from Alpaca help

Since the change in Alpaca’s help style, I could not find the ‘order object’ in topics like “Create an Order” when I click the ‘Response → 200 Succesful response’ item like it shows up for other topics. Where is the ‘order object’? From time to time I like to check if there are some updates in the API body parameters and responses.

This is what appears when I click ‘Response’:

Hope that this link will help you


Hello Maged,

Thanks for your answer. However, I don’t use the ‘Python’ framework or any other ready-to-go framework from Alpaca. All I use is the raw Alpaca API and, in this case, I just asked for the ‘order object’ response that was present in the old help but they didn’t provide it in the new help style. What I asked the Alpaca team is for them to fix Alpaca’s help with the current ‘order object’.

When you click on this link Create an Order, can you see the ‘response body’ when you click on it?