Open price of current day not consistent

When using get_barset for “APPS” with the timeframe set to “day” and looking at the latest Bar, I experienced some very strange behavior. The open price that is returned for the current day seems to switch between two prices, seemingly at random.

It makes sense that all the other values change as the market is currently open, but why would the open price vary?
Bar({‘c’: 23.53, ‘h’: 23.75, ‘l’: 22.45, ‘o’: 23.67, ‘t’: 1597032000, ‘v’: 2010042})]
Bar({‘c’: 23.53, ‘h’: 23.87, ‘l’: 22.45, ‘o’: 22.68, ‘t’: 1597032000, ‘v’: 3061598})]

Edit: looking through the forum I see that there are many other issues with the price api (e.g. missing bars) so I will just switch back to the api I was using before.

that happens in a hyperbolic market

Thank you for the reply. Would it be possible for you to provide a source on that?

which reliable API were you using for good “open price”?