Not sufficient info in asset object

When you pull the assets list using ‘Get Assets’ API, the array of asset objects returned. You will find duplicated symbol entries with different ids - one for active and the other one for inactive. But there’s no way to distinguish which entry is currently effective (i.e., more recent). Because the asset object returned doesn’t have any listed, delisted or inactivated date info in it. And even if I pull the info by ‘Get an Asset by ID’ the returned object is exactly the same as one in the assets array - no more detail info in it.
This is very confusing.
Please provide the date info related to the symbol’s listing activity in the asset object. Or just return the latest single object upon ‘Get Assets’ call.

@xsiboss The current asset will have the active attribute set active=True. There will only ever be one (or perhaps none) assets which are active for a given symbol. One would typically filter by active and tradable to get a list of tradable assets.