Shortable info is not available in api.get_asset

This is what I get. It was supposed to show “Shortable”, “easy to borrow” etc. Where are they?

Asset({ ‘asset_class’: ‘us_equity’,
‘close_price’: ‘130.89’,
‘close_price_date’: ‘2021-01-13’,
‘deprecated_on’: None,
‘exchange’: ‘NASDAQ’,
‘id’: ‘b0b6dd9d-8b9b-48a9-ba46-b9d54906e415’,
‘prev_id’: None,
‘prev_price’: ‘128.8’,
‘prev_price_date’: ‘2021-01-12’,
‘reorg’: False,
‘status’: ‘active’,
‘symbol’: ‘AAPL’,
‘tradable’: True})

any help from anyone?

nobody replied, so I am replying to my own thread. Figured it out, need to use Api_v2 to get shortable info