Not getting premarket data for some symbols

I’m subbed to real-time data and use the sip feeds. Today it seems like there’s no bar or trade or quote updates for some symbols, eg. BZFD, FRGT, however for some other symbols the pre-market data is there eg. SPY or GME. Is something down on Alpaca side? The page is all green so does anyone know what’s happening?

Anyone? Is it just me?

Hello Zsolt,
Kindly allow us to look into this and will get back to you. Thank you

I had this problem as well.
And what is even more, that I have this problem even after market open!!!

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Lot of my symbols going down, but I did not realized, because Alpaca not showing the market data… :frowning:

it was down for me until 10AM EST, now working per usual

Same here. All the data from the hours when it was down is missing, but since 10AM it is working again.

I think I still have some symbols, which are not updating (like NVOS).
And I get some data, but totally not consistent with other sources for some other symbols (like GNS).

Of course if you look at the Alpaca Status page, they claim this outage was only for 18 minutes, even though it was happening for over 5 hours, since the very start of premarket. No proactive monitoring to catch this kind of thing. This incident made me realize I need to have a backup source for market data.

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