Not able to receive extended hours data

Hi developers,

I’m on Algo Trader Plus subscription, I use the following code to receive live minute bar data:

async def on_bar(bar):

data_stream = StockDataStream(ALPACA_API_KEY, ALPACA_SECRET, raw_data=True, feed=DataFeed.IEX)
data_stream.subscribe_bars(on_bar, "AAPL", "NVDA")

Now I run this program at 6:28ET on Wednesday, and I don’t receive any data output. Is it because alpaca does not provide extended hours data feed? I think polygon does…

@PatL Set feed=DataFeed.SIP to get full market extended hours trades. By setting the feed to IEX one only gets trades which occurred on the IEX exchange and that exchange closes at 17:00 ET