Nintendo ADRs Should Be Added

Nintendo, amiright?

We’re talking $NTDOY here. Or $NTDOF, I don’t care!

Glaring hole in Alpaca’s otherwise excellent tradeable universe.

I understand some ADRs are hard to offer commission-free. I also do not care. I will literally pay any amount of money to trade this security on Alpaca. Believe me, I’m good for it.


Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!


@clumma Neither $NTDOY or $NTDOF are traded on a US exchange. They trade Over The Counter (OTC). Alpaca currently only trades stocks listed on US Exchanges. Sorry about that.

Yes, adding some OTC securities like this would be a win. Robinhood supports NTDOY, for example.

Edit: So do Ameritrade and IBKR.


Charles Schwab also supports OTC

i want otc if you can