My Humble Wish List

I’d love the following –

– Allow buy and sell limit orders on the same instrument at the same time (e.g. buy 100 shares of SPY at 200, sell 100 shares of SPY at 400). Currently you can only order(s) on one side.

– Allow the following situation: own 100 shares of SPY, sell 200 shares of SPY, end with -100 shares of SPY (i.e. 100 shares short). Currently we’re prohibited from selling more than we own, or buying more than we’ve shorted, with a single order. In other words, please allow “crossing zero” with an order. Crossing from positive shares to negative shares would, of course, still be prohibited if the stock isn’t shortable.

– Allow multiple sub-accounts for different strategies, with quick cash transfers between them.

– Allow AON (all-or-none) orders.

– Allow an order that fills to trigger another order of a different instrument. For example, allow a limit order of SPY, once filled, to trigger a market order of QQQ.

(Some other brokers have these)

I’d like AON added too.

I too would like to be able to flip long/short by crossing zero. AoN sounds like an awesome feature as well.

I’d like to revise one of my wish list items. Instead of AON (all-or-none) orders, I’d like to be able to specify a “minimumShares” for an order. This can effectively do AON when shares = mininumShares, but is more flexible.