Submit Buy & Sell Limit Orders at same time

Is there any plans to support entering limits orders for both buy and sell at the same time. So if I wanted to sell at the ask and buy at the bid, one will get filled and the other order is a valid closing order.

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Hi abegi,

look this with " Submit Bracket Orders" section.

Good luck!

Hey Jian, thank you for the response but that is not my question. My question is about submitting an order on both sides of the book which it doesn’t seem is supported.

Any plans to support this? No other broker would reject simultaneous resting limit orders. There are lots of strategies that need this functionality. Why don’t you support allowing two resting limit orders?

Not allowing opposing limit orders literally makes no sense. It’s impossible to end up both long and short at the same time. Let’s say I want to place a limit buy and limit sell for one share each. I can place both orders as long as my position is not 0. What is so special about the position being equal to 0?