Market data issue

The first hour or so of bars are missing for today (2020-09-08). The first bar starts at 10:39, and this happens for many tickers including very high volume ones so I think there might be an internal issue.
Eg. The first bar for AAPL, F, MSFT etc all start at 10:39. This seems to only happen for 2020-09-08, so was there some kind of outage during the beginning of the day?
Specifically, the endpoint is:

First Bar

{'AAPL': [
    'c': 117.23,
    'h': 117.51,
    'l': 117.15,
    'o': 117.51,
    't': 1599575940, (epoch time == 10:39 EST)
    'v': 40539})
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Does anyone at Alpaca ever respond to these?