Margin reverting to 2x from 4x

I’ve submitted an email about this but have not heard back.
I have over 25K in equity in my account and have made a few trades
but not many since moving from robbinhood. This weekend and this morning
till closer to 730AM (CST) my buying power showed 4x, it is now 2x.

My understanding is 4x is available for intraday trading, but it doesn’t appear
to ‘stick’. Is this due a bug in my account or some other reason. I have read
the documentation on this and I feel this shouldn’t be an issue from what I understand.

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What does your GET /v2/account (pattern_day_trader) flag say? I think once this is YES then you should be good to go. I have 10 day trades so far and its NO.

a Reg T Margin Account flagged as a Pattern Day Trader(PDT) with $25,000 or greater equity will further be allowed to use up to 4x intraday buying power.

Presently it shows false, and my multiplier is 2, day_trading_buying_power is 0.

Yesterday I ended up closing under 25K, I am thinking tomorrow this will change. I will pull my account tomorrow morning to see where we stand.

Yes it must be over 25000 in order to day trade. Buying power x2 above 10k.

For article completeness, my values are now in line with 4x expectations. thanks for the info on API verification of my account.

Awesome same here, it definitely helps out to make an extra buck :slight_smile: