List_orders throws error if I specify a query parm of 'side'

Hi Everyone,

I have 2 paper trade orders I put through on Friday 8/5.

In my program, I can make a call to get a list of orders by specifying this and can debug to see that an array is returned:
orders = api.list_orders(status=‘closed’)

In the get-a-list-of-orders documentation, it indicates that a ‘side’ can be query parm:

When I update the code to do filter based on the ‘side’ for a buy,
orders = api.list_orders(status=‘closed’, side=‘buy’)

I end up getting an error that says the following:
orders = api.list_orders(status=‘closed’,side=‘buy’)

TypeError: REST.list_orders() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘side’

Any ideas as to why the ‘side’ query parm is considered unexpected, though documentation shows it as an optional query parm?

I guess I am able to answer my own question. In a DIFFERENT set of documentation that is for V2, it appears that the ‘side’ has been dropped.

So my question is for V2 now with all the other parms that were kept that match V1, but ‘side’ was the only query parm dropped? Why was ‘side’ not continued for V2?

I am still a bit confused. In my account, when clicking “Documentation”, it takes me to this page.

From within that, if I select Trading API and then Orders, I get this link:

From within this link for reviewing Get a list of orders, it states that ‘side’ is a valid query parm. Of course, there is an error indicating it is not supported.

So what is supposed to be the current documentation? is this out dated? was there an error made by the technical writer who put this documentation together? or was ‘side’ intended to be included for api functionality support and never was?

If ‘side’ is not supported in the current documentation and for V2, can it please be removed so others don’t lost time trying to determine whether it is or not a valid parm?