Journal API - pending JNLC for a long time

I sent a JNLC through the Journal API, and still some hours later I’m still getting pending

    "id": "f0fb3a8a-69d6-413f-921e-2b34f6c751f0",
    "entry_type": "JNLC",
    "from_account": "aee548b2-b250-449c-8d0b-937b0b87ccef",
    "to_account": "bda6efe8-6888-4f04-a57d-c3e8b841284b",
    "symbol": null,
    "qty": null,
    "price": "0",
    "status": "pending",
    "settle_date": "2021-12-02",
    "system_date": "2021-12-02",
    "net_amount": "100",
    "description": "test text /fixtures/status=rejected/fixtures/"

I guess something is wrong here as the JNLC should be instant. But then another question, how instant is it? less then 1 sec or is it in minutes?

And now it has the status deleted, so I looked further into it and noticed 2 things in the doc, Journals | Alpaca Broker API

Max amount is 50, so anything above that will always be deleted. and the fixtures in the description in sandbox might have made rejected if it was formatted correctly.

So this is solved, if I send max amount 50, it gets processed quickly. Although it doesn’t show up in the Account Overview it is accessible to trade with