Issue Getting Asset List

I read this documentation.

Based on that article I tried to create a short python script that prints a list of all tradeable instruments on Alpaca.

Here is the code:

from import REST
api = REST()
assets = api.get('/v2/assets')

Here are the errors I am getting:

Output exceeds the size limit. Open the full output data in a text editor
HTTPError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)
c:\Users\hello\Documents\projects\alpaca\main.ipynb Cell 2 in <cell line: 4>()
      1 #get asset list
      3 api = REST()
----> 4 assets = api.get('/v2/assets')
      5 print(assets)

File c:\Users\hello\miniconda3\envs\alpaca\lib\site-packages\alpaca_trade_api\, in REST.get(self, path, data)
    249 def get(self, path, data=None):
--> 250     return self._request('GET', path, data)

File c:\Users\hello\miniconda3\envs\alpaca\lib\site-packages\alpaca_trade_api\, in REST._request(self, method, path, data, base_url, api_version)
    211 while retry >= 0:
    212     try:
--> 213         return self._one_request(method, url, opts, retry)
    214     except RetryException:
    215         retry_wait = self._retry_wait

File c:\Users\hello\miniconda3\envs\alpaca\lib\site-packages\alpaca_trade_api\, in REST._one_request(self, method, url, opts, retry)
    232 resp = self._session.request(method, url, **opts)
    233 try:
--> 234     resp.raise_for_status()
    235 except HTTPError as http_error:
    236     # retry if we hit Rate Limit
   1019     )
   1021 if http_error_msg:
-> 1022     raise HTTPError(http_error_msg, response=self)

HTTPError: 404 Client Error: Not Found for url:

The article simply says:

This doesn’t seem very descriptive. What thought process should I have used to translate that information into a working python script?