Is Interest Assessed against Accounts Trading Within Principal

Below is my understanding with an example and three questions.

I have read that all Alpaca accounts are created as margin accounts, and anything under $2,000.00 is considered a limited margin account. I have also read that any held positions exceeding the principal in an account, e.g., if $10,000 was transferred to an Alpaca account and a position worth $15,000 is held at the end of the day, that interest is applied to the margin above the principal, so $5,000.00 in the example.

I’m just looking to confirm the following:
If I start with $10,000.00 and hold buy positions at or below $10,000.00, is it correct to say that Alpaca would not assess any interest fees?

Also, I understand that accounts starting under $2,000.00 are considered limited margin, which does not allow for holding a buy position above $2,000.00. Is it also correct to say that Alpaca would not assess any interest fees in that scenario?

In any case, with or without interest fees for trading at or below the principal value in the account, in all scenarios treating accounts as margin accounts allows for immediate liquidation of sales to be used in buying in the same day or a following day – avoiding the T+2 provisions of cash trading?