Is GTC really GTC or do they get cancelled after 60 days?

Coming from Etrade where GTC are still cancelled after 60 days if an order doesnt fill. Does anyone know if there is a timelimit on GTC orders with Alpaca? My bot is set up with take profits as the exit which is predefined when I place the buy order. Do i need to worry if an order doesnt fill in time to resubmit the sell order?

Good-Til-Cancel (GTC) orders technically do not get cancelled. A number of brokers cancel them after 60 or 90 days (and actually Alpaca did previously) but currently Alpaca doesn’t. That said, there are exception cases where an order may get canceled because of a corporate or exchange action (eg a delisting, reverse stock split, merger, etc). It is really best to periodically check the actual open orders with expected open orders in ones algo just to make sure.

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