IRA support coming?

I’m sure I’m not the first person to ask for this, but it seems like most investors have the majority of their money in IRA accounts. So the lack of support for IRAs is, in my opinion, the largest missing piece in the puzzle.


not at all…
look into the api and what its used for

What do ou mean “not at all?” Also, I have looked at the API (a bit). Are you thinking that I’m not understanding what it’s used for? Maybe you don’t have retirement accounts, but most people either have a 401k at work that eventually gets rolled into an IRA, or they work for themselves and create a SEP or Roth IRA to put money into. Most of my money is in these IRA, so Alpaca is kind of useless to me. You may be the exception, but for sure this is true for many people. But if you have some thoughts about this I’m not considering, let me know.

Would also love to see Roth IRA support, perfect account type for frequent trading

IRAs are on the list and will be coming. The details, and which plans will be supported, haven’t been finalized but we realize this is important.

One issue that will arise is most of these plans cannot be in a margin account. Therefore, one will need to handle the settle time for trades. This means waiting 2 days before using funds from a sale. In the current margin accounts those funds are available immediately.

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Is there any update on this feature?

Thats fine (2 day settlement). Building IRA based apps for clients that care about taxes out-weight this concern (because those clients usually don’t want/care about frequent trading anyways)

So it’s been almost a year since this post was made stating that IRAs would be coming. IRAs are coming when?

Every other broker that I’m aware of supports limited margin with IRAs. I trade daily with limited margin in my Fidelity IRAs with zero settlement restrictions.

Hi Jkozlow3,

Currently, we can’t provide any timelines on when IRAs will be available.