Incorrect average buy price for VXX

Closed order says order was filled at price 11.57/share but based on price history it did not have that price on date when order was executed. can someone please help me to understand the issue here ?

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VXX did indeed trade at $11.57 on 2021-03-30 at 18:19 UTC. The reason it may seem “based on price history it did not have that price on date when order was executed” is you may be looking at prices on Yahoo or some other source? Those prices are ‘adjusted’ for splits. VXX had a 4:1 reverse split on 2021-04-23. This effectively increases the displayed prices before that date by a factor of 4.

This is one reason why the ‘raw’ unadjusted prices, which are available in the Alpaca data APIs, are helpful. Looking at the unadjusted minute prices for VXX as of when the order executed (18:19 UTC) it appears that $11.57 was the low for the bar.

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Thank you for the response @Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca .

So ideally this change should reflect in portfolio as well, right ?
In my case , I am observing +247.19% total profit for VXX. Am I missing anything ?

Also I tried to close the VXX position but getting following data in my positions.

Alpaca Position :

Alpaca Orders :

Regular splits will add shares to an account and often the shares retain the same CUSIP or equity identifier. Reverse splits however, are a bit different animal. They reduce shares. There isn’t a good process to take a fraction of shares from all shareholder accounts, so instead, the reverse split process typically de-registers the original shares leaving them worthless, then creates new shares with a new CUSIP and credits shareholders with those new shares.

That is why there are two VXX positions shown. One generally cannot liquidate the original shares since they have been de-registered. Not sure what exacly happened above. Contact support at and they will be able to straighten it out. In the end there should only be 1/4 the number of shares of the original VXX shares and only a single ticker shown in positions.