Improved Order History

I saw the new update and I have some suggestions to improve the order history page.

  • Precise quantities. These were rounded to 8 decimal points before and now they are rounded 4. Ridiculous step backwards. Where can I find the precise amount?
  • Export to csv file. This would make it worlds easier to input my order history into a spreadsheet
  • Horizontal scrolling bar. There are more columns than can fit on the webpage and the only way to “scroll” to the right is by highlighting across the table. Add a scroll bar!
  • Fee amounts for crypto. Currently the only place to see the fees is on the order confirmation email. This is nowhere to be found on the site. It erroneously shows 0 for crypto
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hi there! Mahmoud from the product team. We have taken a look at your recommendations and for points (1) and (3) we will implement the suggested changes over the next couple of weeks.

For (2) this is a popular one and we are taking a look at how we can do it efficiently at our scale. For (4) we are working on improving our display of fees for crypto orders.

We appreciate your feedback :slight_smile: so keep them coming!
Thank you!

EDIT: typos

Love it, thank you my dude

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would love ot hear more of your feedback! want to jump on a call sometime this week? You can use this link to book a slot at your convenience!