I placed 2 trades, but Alpaca says my Day Trades Count is 3

Hello, this morning my Balances showed my Day Trade Count at 0.

Then today I placed two trades:

After these two trades, my Day Trade Count shows as 3.

But earlier today before open, it showed two zeros.

Why did it go from 0 to 3? Shouldn’t it be 2?

I thought I had one more trade left, so I got stuck in a position.

If it happens to be a bug in the count, can you please close my VRPX position? Thanks!

Or maybe it was a bug in the UI today before open? I saw two zeros. Was it supposed to show a 1 for close on the 5th, and 0 for today? If so, then that would total 3 today. But thought I saw 0 and 0 this morning.

EDIT: Its too early, I did look at my paper account last night. Maybe I got them confused.

@trusktr One thing to be aware of is the day trade count includes executed trades and also ‘potential’ trades for any open orders. If you have an open limit order, which could create a day trade, that will be included in the day trade count number.

Ah, so if I open the limit order but decide to cancel it before it gets filled, that will still count?

@trusktr Only ‘potential’ day trades count. To ‘potentially’ fill an order must be open. If one cancels an open limit order before it is filled it no longer is counted as a ‘potential’ day trade and your day trade count will be reduced.