Day trade count seems off

On April 15th, 2024 the Alpaca balances reported I had 3 day trades but when I looked at the order history I did not find any BUY then SELL of the same stock on that day. I do have 2 SELL then BUY of the same stock on that day however but I thought that did not count as a day trade and that is still only 2. Today when I look at the balances it doesn’t show any day trades for yesterday so that seems right but am wondering why it showed 3 earlier.

Any insights? Thanks in advance


The orders are
sell 30fe3980-712a-4f4f-b496-c07ea43c21dc
buy 6106108e-7ccf-45af-90c8-acbc44165c9e

sell ff14e0df-3580-4cdb-9240-839de51133e0
buy 4994c0ff-5325-4ded-bbdb-d8a51f023584