How to place a stop loss on an opg order

I’ve been having trouble placing stop losses on ‘opg’ orders which execute at the market open. When I try to include the stop loss parameters in to the trade, an error occurs stating that stop losses cannot be placed on opg orders.

I’ve seen others ask how to place stop loss orders after an order has been placed, but none of these posts have answers. I am able to place bracket orders after the trade has been placed, but I don’t want to have a take profit amount. I tried placing the take profit amount very far away from the current price but this led to issues with the trades being cancelled and the stop loss was never placed.

I am able to place a market order with a stop loss, but these execute at worse prices than the opg orders since they just buy into the spread.

Ideally I am looking for a way to add a stop loss to an opg order in one trade request. The second tier solution would be to simply add a stop loss after the order has been completed but I cannot find documentation on these anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.