How to place a 'simple' stop loss order?

I have an open position. I want to place a ‘simple’ stop loss order. I have tried many way and all have failed. I DO NOT want to place a bracket order at the time I buy the stock. I want to place the order after the stock is already purchased. A Fresh new stop loss order. I’m trying to do this in Python. There is not one example I can find on the internet. The documentation is just horrific for this tool.

I’m trying something like this with the python API:
resp = api.submit_order(symbol=s,qty=sell_qty,side=oside,time_in_force=‘gtc’,order_class=‘simple’,type=‘stop’, stop_loss=dict(stop_price=mystop))

The error is stop orders require a stop price. so maybe not a stop_loss? like the bracket orders?
My bracket orders work fine… so maybe the answer is to just create another OCO with a very high profit target?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m having this same issue and can’t find documentation anywhere. I think my solution will just be to create a bracket order with a high profit target that I don’t expect to be hit like you said. Seems like there should be a better solution.