How do the Alpaca Pro Data Plan compare to the Polygon Developer Plan?

Now that Alpaca is charging for “unlimited access to data…” with it’s Pro Plan, is this a partnership with to provide affordable access to the Stock “Developer Plan” (which includes Real-Time, Trades and Quotes Data)?

Alpaca’s new data API is totally separate from Polygon. Here’s a comment on it from Polygon’s CEO:

I would love to be of more help here, but I know little about [Alpaca’s] new API at this point. It’s hard to say pros/cons until we know more. The main difference I can see so far is that we offer data back to 2004, whereas their data goes back 5yrs. Reference data and Latencies may also be a factor, but unsure until we are able to test/compare. Sorry!

Here’s a few basic differences I’ve seen:

  • Polygon has 17 years of data. Alpaca has 5 years.
  • Polygon’s API has more endpoints. Alpaca’s data API has some maturing to do.
  • Polygon’s plan is $200/month. Alpaca’s plan is $50/month.