How can I submit a limit order with a fixed stop and also a trailing stop using the python sdk?

Hello, I’ve been trying to figure out what is the best way to submit a limit (or market) order with a fixed stop price and also a trailing stop. From a little experimenting it seems that I first have to submit the initial order, wait until it is submitted and then add the stops. Is it possible to do it in a single request. Also, do I need to add ‘oco’ to some orders? Thanks

I’ve noticed that the trailing stop order blocks the availability of putting other conditional orders on top of the asset. Your system will throw an error after placing the trailing stop when trying to add an additional limit-stop. I know Alpaca has a trailing stop with a take profit leg order in the works but not sure when that is going live. I personally worked around this by coding my own conditional stop executions but its dependent on the polygon websocket time interval of 1-min. Hope this helps