High Crypto Spread

Hi there, I was giving the Crypto Beta a chance and am a bit confused - I find very high Spreads here of up to 2.5% (BTCUSD) - which I fear will kill a lot of good trading strategies right away. That was a bit surprising to me as the Spread on most platforms is much lower (see for instance Bitcoinity.org).

What is the reason the spread at Alpaca is so high for Crypto titles?

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Hi Martin @ilcon, thank you for participating in our Crypto Beta and for providing feedback on your experience. Please note that during this current phase of beta, we have a single market partner/liquidity provider which may result in wider bid-ask spreads at times. Please also note however, that we are working diligently to add additional market partners very soon which will greatly help improve spreads. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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I search this answer because I just had similar problem just now, actually much worse. I bought ETHUSD (market order), CBSE exchange. Smallest position just to try, and sold it right back in a minute. And got negaitve 10%, almost had a heart attack, this is just not right!


I was extremely surprised by this, and unfortunately it’s an immediate dealbreaker, since my algo works on a spread close to $0.01 on ETHUSD.

As far as it concerns Coinbase specifically, if the API can be switched to Coinbase Pro, I think the problem will be solved.

I hope it’s something you’ll consider soon, since I can’t wait to give Alpaca a try, but this specific issue makes it a non-starter for me personally.

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But Coinbase Pro has 0.5% minimum spread?


Thank you for contributing! We have a dedicated discord focused solely on Crypto related queries with an active community and more engagement. Feel free to join via the invite link below;