Getting current closed orders

> const Alpaca = require('@alpacahq/alpaca-trade-api')
const alpaca = new Alpaca()

// Get the last 100 of our closed orders
const closedOrders = alpaca.getOrders({
    status: 'closed',
    limit: 100,
    nested: true  // show nested multi-leg orders
}).then((closedOrders) => {
    // Get only the closed orders for a particular stock
    const closedAaplOrders = closedOrders.filter(order => order.symbol == 'AAPL')
    console.log(closedAaplOrders); // Shows closed orders

console.log(closedAaplOrders); // shows undefined when outside arrow function.

How to make closedAaplOrders variable to show parameters outside of arrow function? Currently is shows undefined when placed outside. Please help .