Funds transfer from UK?

Hello, I’m trying to fund an account from UK and following the Incoming Wire instructions:

Please include the following text:
FFC LPCA-<account_number>
where <account_number> is replaced by your Alpaca account number, such as “FFC LPCA-999999999”

However, my bank has a limit on the number of characters that can be used so I can only fit the account number without the “FFC LPCA-” reference before it.

Will my money be transferred safely if I include only my alpaca account number in the wire reference?

Separately, I’ve also tried to setup a (Transfer) USD account and per the alpaca ACH instructions which state “can link your bank account by routing and account numbers (micro-deposit).” but both times I’ve tried to transfer funds the deposits are cancelled without any explanation why.

I’m wondering if any other UK residents faced any of these issues and if they have overcome them?