Funds gone. 0 USD ? No buying power?

Just wanted to buy SQQQ and it said no buying power - I checked alpaca - and 0 USD and 50k is gone. What is going on? Status page says no issues. Where is my money ???

I met the same issue at about 12:05PM(pacific time)! this is too bad, because this is live account

Also I checked my account activity history, there is no buying or transfers, this seems to be a system error. Does any one has some phone number to call?

I would have made 1000 USD - SQQQ went up like mad. Damn.

This is very serious! How shall I trust the platform anymore?

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Happened to me this afternoon. At first, it put all equity, including margin, as my cash balance. When I sold all positions it now shows $0 cash & equity. WTF??

same problem with my live account

The following is the response I got from alpaca:


We are currently investigating an issue which is causing reduced account balances to be displayed for Trading and Broker API accounts. We apologize for the inconvenience and assure you that this matter will be resolved as soon as possible.

Please keep an eye on this status page for further updates.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.


The Alpaca Support Team

Are you insured? Who pays for the damage? This is so serious - this should never ever happen. So far the most serious issue with a broker I worked with was when an order was not executed. But suddenly funds being reset to zero and disable trading it so bad…no excuse - sorry.

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Funds are back now. Seems to be ok again.

My cash number seems to recovered.

why never the error/issue is to the investors advantage, showing higher balance!

Ugh, this is enough to make me take my money elsewhere.